Our prices applicable to Partners.

Commission by table place

€ 0,50

  • For each place booked
  • Until September 30,2018 free
  • The commission applies only to Partners who by type
        of activity can provide the restaurant service and decide
        to allow online reservations (guaranteed) of tables.

Optional Fee

€ 99,00

  • Annual cost for registered activity
  • Advantages:
  •   - integration of the booking engine for packages, tours, events, rooms and tables *
  •   - greater visibility within our Platform
  •   - 10% discount on the rates applied for the fairs throughout the year
  •   - reinvestment of the fee for sponsored posts regarding your activity on Facebook and Instagram (on average, it carries 100-120.000 views, as well as a considerable increase in the probability of receiving requests and / or reservations)
  • Until September 30,2018 free

Commissioning by business volume

8 %

  •     For each product purchased and / or booked service
  • Until September 30,2018 free
  •     The commission applies to all Partners who offer online products and / or services through our Platform.
    Only Tour Operators and Travel Agencies have a different commission, divided as follows
  • 3% for package sales up to € 999,99
  •     2,5% for the sale of packages from € 1000,00 to € 1999,99
  •     2% for package sales of € 2000,00 and upwards

* If you need an IT specialist we provide you with it at € 50,00 for each one-off for every integration of each booking engine
all prices (and percentages) shown are excluding VAT